22 Jan

Social Media Isn’t Like Traditional Marketing

Often when companies start out on social media, they turn to marketing to set up their social media pages and create content to posts. These companies see social media as a marketing tool; another place to advertise their products or services and it’s free.


I have seen lots of companies start a social media presence by putting the same images up as what’s on their direct mailer and link it to a sales page. Then wonder why social media doesn’t seem to be working for them.
You can’t take what you are doing on traditional channels like TV, radio or print and put that same information up on social media, it’s a different tool and requires different tactics.
Social media is different in so many ways and that’s often why businesses get frustrated with the lack of success they are seeing on social media. You have to put time and effort into your social media content, and it’s going to take time and you won’t have 1 million likes overnight. Social media may not cost you money to create a page, but it does take time and planning to use it effectively.


Traditional marketing is focused on communicating one generic message to many people. Its aim is to get as much reach as you can within your budget.


On social media you have a one to one communication channel. You can share a very specific message to a very specific group of people and have it resonate with them. If you know your customer you can have them read your social media post and feel like you are talking directly to them. While you can measure the reach of your social media posts/advertising you also can track sales, form completions, website referrals and more.


Another big difference is the fact that social media is a two-way communication channel. You can interact with your brand evangelists and loyal customers or anyone who wants to share something. Word of mouth has always been important for businesses; however, now social has taken it to a whole new level.


Did you know that 83% of global respondents in a Nielson survey said that they trust the recommendations of friends and family?


That might not be too much of a surprise but what about the fact that 66% said they trust consumer options posted online by people they don’t even know!


Social media takes time to build and manage as you are pulling together a community of people with a common interest in your product/service. Your social media pages represent your company and allow you to connect with brand advocates and people who want to be in the know about what you are doing.


Customers don’t follow a brand so they can get bombarded with marketing messages. They want to connect with you because you are providing value to them, which is different from a 30-second ad where you only talk about a product you sell.


A general rule of thumb on social media is only talk about yourself 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time talk to your audience and share articles on other topics that interest them. Don’t spend all your posts talking about your company.


Social media for businesses takes time, but if you focus on providing value and engaging with your target audience you’ll find it can work. Do not just take your traditional marketing materials and put them up on social media and expect anything to happen.


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